Why is cardamom good for you?

Cardamom’s Scientifically Proven Health Benefits

Cardamom With Dates
Why is cardamom good for you?

Cardamom is a spice that some people liken to mint because of its strong, somewhat sweet flavor.
It has Indian origins, but is now accessible everywhere and used in both savory and sweet dishes.

Contain Cancer-Fighting Compounds

Cardamom’s constituents could be able to combat cancerous cells.

Cardamom powder has been proven in studies on mice to improve the activity of certain cancer-fighting enzymes (Trusted Source).

The spice may improve the tumor-attacking capacity of natural killer cells (Trusted Source).

In one study, scientists gave one group of mice 400 mg of powdered cardamom per kg (220 mg per pound) of weight each day while the other group of mice was subjected to a substance that induces skin cancer (Trusted Source).

Compared to more than 80% of the control group, just 25% of the cardamom-eating group had cancer after 11 weeks (Trusted Source).

Human cancer cells and cardamom research have yielded comparable outcomes. One research found that a component in the spice inhibited the growth of oral cancer cells in test tubes.
Despite the encouraging results, this research has only been done on mice or in test tubes. A human study is required before making more definitive assertions.
Certain cardamom compounds have been shown in mice and test tubes to combat cancer and inhibit tumor development. A human study is required to see whether these findings apply to people as well.

May Rescue from Chronic Diseases

Cardamom has chemicals that may help combat inflammation.
When your body is exposed to foreign chemicals, inflammation ensues. Although acute inflammation is important and useful, persistent inflammation can result in chronic illnesses. Though there haven’t been as many studies on cardamom’s anti-inflammatory effects in humans, research suggests that supplements can boost antioxidant status by up to 90%.

Cardamom’s antioxidant compounds may help protect cells from damage as well as slow down and prevent inflammation in your body.

Why is cardamom good for you?

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